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An overview of TOUGH-based geomechanics models


© 2016 Elsevier Ltd After the initial development of the first TOUGH-based geomechanics model 15 years ago based on linking TOUGH2 multiphase flow simulator to the FLAC3D geomechanics simulator, at least 15 additional TOUGH-based geomechanics models have appeared in the literature. This development has been fueled by a growing demand and interest for modeling coupled multiphase flow and geomechanical processes related to a number of geoengineering applications, such as in geologic CO2 sequestration, enhanced geothermal systems, unconventional hydrocarbon production, and most recently, related to reservoir stimulation and injection-induced seismicity. This paper provides a brief overview of these TOUGH-based geomechanics models, focusing on some of the most frequently applied to a diverse set of problems associated with geomechanics and its couplings to hydraulic, thermal and chemical processes.

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