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New soft-shelled turtles (Plastomeninae, Trionychidae, Testudines) from the Late Cretaceous and Paleocene of North America


Two new genera (Derrisemys and Plastomenoides) and three new species (D. sterea, P. lamberti, P. tetanetron) of plastomenine trionychids from Montana and Wyoming are described. They are unique within the Trionychidae in having the entoplastron locked into notches in the hyoplastra and restricting midline kinesis. D. sterea occurs in the Lancian NALMA (North American Land Mammal Age) of Montana and Wyoming and Puercan NALMA of Montana. P. tetanetron occurs in the Puercan NALMA of Montana. P. lamberti occurs in the Torrejonian NALMA of Montana and Tiffanian NALMA of Wyoming and Utah. Plastomenus acupictus Hay 1907 from New Mexico is referred to Derrisemys. The age of D. acupictus is uncertain but is likely from early Paleocene (Torrejonian NALMA).

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