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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Early Eocene (Wasatchian) rodent assemblages from the Washakie Basin, Wyoming

  • Author(s): Strait, Suzanne G.
  • Holroyd, Patricia A.
  • Denvir, Carrie A.
  • Rankin, Brian D.
  • et al.

Rodent assemblages are described from two early Eocene (Wasatchian North American Land Mammal Age; Graybullian subage) localities from the Main Body of the Wasatch Formation in the Washakie Basin, Wyoming. One locality (UCMP V71237) represents a catastrophic death assemblage and the other (UCMP V71238) is a channel lag which immediately overlies it. Quarrying and screen-washing at these localities has resulted in the recovery of 81 specimens from V71237 and 224 specimens from V71238 and comprising a uniquely rich, stratigraphically controlled sample. The rodent fauna from these localities include Paramys copei, P. taurus, Lophiparamys murinus, Microparamys hunterae, Tuscahomys ctenodactylops, and Knightomys cf. K. minor. These specimens provide substantial new morphological data for the previously poorly-known M. hunterae, T. ctenodactylops, and L. murinus. Comparison of relative abundances demonstrates that T. ctenodactylops is the most common in both localities, but that the smaller bodied species M. hunterae and Knightomys cf. K. minor are much rarer in the lag deposit.

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