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General Guidelines

New Chaucer Studies: Pedagogy and Profession welcomes a wide range of essays on the topics indicated by the title.

Please submit your essay using the "Submit" button in the upper right-hand of the New Chaucer Studies: Pedagogy and Profession home page.

Essays can range in length, but briefer essays, between 3000-5000 words are especially welcome.

The journal is committed to fair, professional evaluation of the essays we receive. Each issue will have a coordinating editor who will gather and anonymize the essays. The editors will then meet to determine whether the new submissions fit the general topics of pedagogy and profession. Essays that do not meet the criteria will be returned, with feedback to the authors in a timely manner. Essays that pass this initial review will be sent out to reviewers.

Reviewers will be drawn both from the journal’s advisory board and from the community of medievalists at large. People interested in serving as reviewers should feel free to contact us at

Because essays on pedagogy and profession may necessarily thematize the personal, we cannot ensure anonymity. For that reason, we encourage reviewers to sign their reviews (see below). That said, we will honor an author’s request for the standard, double-blind peer review process if that is most useful for the purposes of merit review, promotion, and/ or tenure.

In the interests of transparency, we provide below our guidelines for authors and peer-reviewers.