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Carte Italiane

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Submission Guidelines

CARTE ITALIANE accepts manuscripts after the initial call for papers each Fall. Please consult the current call for papers to determine the suitability of your submission.

Initial Manuscript Submission (On-line)

Submit an original manuscript on-line using the Submit Article link. Before you begin, please be sure you have the following items:

  • An abstract (300 words or less)
  • Keywords (10 or less)
  • An original manuscript in Microsoft Word (preferred length is no more than 25 pages). Please remove all information that may identify you as the author for blind review purposes.
  • A brief biography of the author as a separate document. The biography should be a short paragraph that includes pertinent educational information, including the names of any university or academic institution with which the author is associated, and research interests.

Peer Review

Upon receipt, the Editor-in-Chief will read the manuscript to determine its suitability for publication prior to in-depth review. Manuscripts deemed unsuitable for the current volume will be returned to the submitting author without additional review. Poorly formatted manuscripts will be returned to the submitting author with a request to resubmit, indicating needed revisions.

Manuscripts initially approved will be reviewed anonymously by two peer reviewers. The Editor-in-Chief will evaluate the reviews and determine the manuscript’s suitability for publication; that is, whether it should be (1) published as is, (2) modified, or (3) rejected.

Authors are expected to revise tentatively approved manuscripts in a timely manner after receiving review comments. If a revision has not been received within 1 month, the submitting author will be asked for a status report. Any manuscript not revised within 2 months of receiving review comments will be withdrawn from consideration.

Style Guidelines

CARTE ITALIANE's General Guidelines for Formatting can be downloaded here.