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Electronic Green Journal

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Editorial - Grassroots International Environmental Activism

A call for new institutional framework-perhaps a World Environmental Organization.


Buffer Zones Around Protected Areas: A Brief Literature Review

Do buffer zones serve as extensions of national parks or integrate parks and people? - literature review on the subject.

Restoration And Management Strategies Of Wetlands In Developing Countries

Pilot studies in Bangalore city, Karnataka State, India of a holistic approach to restoration, post-restoration, and management strategies.

Environmental Compliance Primer for Senior Federal Managers

Can the public trust senior federal managers in their responsibilities toward environmental management?

Opinion Pieces

Aftermath: Systems Thinking, Sustainability and Terrorism

Acts of September 11th, 2001 prove that our world is totally connected.

Information Technology and Global Ecological Crises: Soul and the Sustainability of Librarians

How information technology, global ecological crises and soul can shape librarians' sustainability.

Astroenvironmentalism: The Case for Space Exploration As An Environmental Issue

Are we ready to keep space free of environmental hazards and debris?

Environmental Resources on the World Wide Web

Comprehensive coverage of environmentally related WWW sites, electronic journals, publications, and other resources.