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Diagonal: An Ibero-American Music Review is the online journal of the Center for Iberian and Latin American Music at the University of California, Riverside. Its purpose is to highlight the latest research into the vast musical heritage of Iberia and Latin America, as well as other regions once under Iberian colonial rule whose cultural traditions bear some imprint of Spanish or Portuguese influence, e.g., the Philippines or parts of the United States.

The journal’s name refers to the fact that its mission cuts across disciplinary and regional boundaries. It accepts contributions in Spanish, Portuguese, or English from scholars in musicology, ethnomusicology, and related disciplines. It is a refereed journal with an editorial board, and it conforms to the highest standards of modern humanistic scholarship.

Diagonal: An Ibero-American Music Review appears on a rolling basis rather than at set intervals of time. This means that once we have a sufficient number of articles for an issue, we publish that issue. Each number of DIAMR will have about five articles, in addition to reviews. We may launch an issue even if it does not yet have the maximum number of articles and reviews. Items will then be added to that issue as they become available. This allows us to publish cutting-edge research in as timely a fashion as possible.

The journal’s name is a nod in the direction of Inter-American Music Review, the creation of the late Robert M. Stevenson, a foundational figure in music scholarship related to Iberia and the Americas. However, Diagonal: An Ibero-American Music Review is not associated with any one person, having instead a broad editorial base and systematic process of peer review. It seeks to promote leading-edge research across a broad spectrum of subjects, reflecting a variety of methodologies in a cross-disciplinary spirit.